the party comes together

Lasserie and Stumphammer awake the next morning after demolishing the goblin stronghold, having dumped a bloody but apparently stable Ubuntu in a nearby room. Orek sees them in the tavern and lets them know that Ubuntu is hurt and out of commission for at least a few days. The goblins used some kind of poison on their blades that got to him more than the others.

Orek also brought the news was that someone from Craiggles’s order was on the way. A paladin taking a horse relay up the road, cutting the normal week journey to a single day (at great expense). Stumphammer groaned – this was sure to get even worse.

The party visited Alestra, who gave them discounts by result of Lasserie’s heroism and met up with the paladin. The paladin was thoroughly unpleasant, pompous and more than a tad self-righteous. He insisted he had the power to find Craiggles and waved his fancy magic weapon around (temporarily blinding Stumphammer in the process).

The three of them – Lasserie, Stump hammer, and this paladin calling himself Yeezus, headed off following some idea the paladin had about followers of Eki being able to call to each other. As the group moved north, they ended up coming upon another goblin stronghold. An army of goblin soldiers, led by a seemingly massive mutant riding a large goblin dog and wielding a hammer. Once they had left, all that were left at the front gate were a mutant necromancer and his small group of skeletons. As the mutant forced his skeletons to dance for his amusement, the party scaled the tower and made their way to a small balcony near the very top. Inside, the party found a luxurious small apartment. They entered the next room and found Craiggles strapped to an operating table.

Cringles, for his part, had been having a really shitty day. He was kidnapped in the middle of the night, drugged, and awoken by a creature covered in chains. The creature, which did not speak to him but only laughed at his pain, stabbed him repeatedly with knife that seemed to absorb and feed off of his pain, but wouldn’t damage him.

The party broke through the door and Lasserie leapt to untie the cleric. The four adventurers battled the torturing devil and its living, barbed chains. Eventually, the chains seemed to take an interest especially in the paladin and drove into him, eviscerating him on the operating table.

Craiggles grabbed the mace from his fallen comrade’s hand and struck the beast, followed by more attacks from Lass Erie’s arrows and stump hammer’s axe. Eventually they defeated the creature, and as they heard the sound of the army coming back into the tower they escaped out the window.

Craiggles knew a holy war had been called by these creatures, and declared his intention to go back to his temple and recruit an army. Lasserie, eager to see an end to this menace and increasingly fond of the thrill of battle, agreed to come. Stumphammer had left his hometown to fight and wench and see the world, and could think of no better place to make his next stop than the capital of Mislanding. Besides, he’d been thrown out of all the whorehouses in Linderwahl.



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