Welcome to Meridian

For untold generations, the human Oslan Empire ruled the continent Meridian. But 1,000 years ago, the Cataclysm cursed and warped the land, causing Eldar the 57th of his Name, Emperor of Oslan, to lead his people south to the largely Elven land Abissi. The Empire and the Abissians warred for generations until the Empire finally established dominance over the new land.

40 years ago, an empire now slow and bloated was falling apart under the weak child-king LoTat. A military coup overthrew LoTat in what was declared Year One of the Protectorate. The Protectorate has brought stability back to the empire, and now have their sights on humanity’s former homeland.

For much of the past 1,000 years, Meridian has been avoided by all but the most hearty or insane. Official policy was that the land was poisoned, although rumors abounded that it was cursed by the Gods – that Behemoths roam the countryside, ready to devour any hubris-plagued mortals that cross their path. For centuries, the internal conflicts in Abissi and the cultural memories of the Cataclysm kept nearly everyone out. But traffic to the old land has increased in the last 100 years, as the Empire sent scouting parties to the continent. Some came back with reports of nothing but wilderness. Others never came back at all.

The Protectorate has declared their intention to reclaim Meridian, and have established a capital at Mislanding and a frontier at Linderwahl. A small dwarven city, isolated in the Eastern mountains, was discovered; relations with the dwarves have been tense, but cordial. In the west, a small independent town named Westwind has been created in the marshland, while the woods beyond swallow scouting parties whole.

For centuries, those with the call for adventure in their blood had always looked to Meridian as a land filled with violence, glory, and plunder. Those that enter will find all three, and more.


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